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Issue 2’s cover
June 29, 2007, 9:48 am
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Crikey, things move fast around here, don’t they? Here’s a peak at issue 2’s cover:

Don’t forget, the 6 page preview of issue 1 is available for you to peruse.


Here we go…
June 27, 2007, 8:39 pm
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The new Previews catalogue is out today. Suburban Glamour can be found on pages 154 and 155, and the order code is JUL07 1928.

Fancy a quick preview? Oh, you do? Great! Click the link below to be taken to a 6 page lettered preview. Please note these pages aren’t final – the comic WILL be in colour. However, rather than wait until these pages are available, I thought you might want to see a little bit of the story right away.

Click here for a 6 page preview!

Click on each page for the next.

Alternatively, access the individual pages by clicking on the thumbnails below.

If you want to pick up a copy of Suburban Glamour, I cannot stress the importance of pre-ordering enough. If you’re new to comics, pre-ordering is a system whereby you place your order for a comic ahead of time so that you are guaranteed a copy. Because comics are not sale-or-return, comic shops only order what they think they can sell. Understandably, this means that many comic stores have to be conservative in what they order. Therefore, if you have not pre-ordered a copy, you may have trouble finding it – especially as the size of the print run is based on the initial orders from comic stores.

So, if you want to buy my comic, pre-ordering will a) guarantee you a copy, and b) let the retailer know there’s interest, so that they may order more copies for the shelves. And then everyone feels better about themselves.

Remember, the order code is JUL07 1928.

Hello hello. Fancy seeing you here.
June 27, 2007, 12:40 am
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Now that the new edition of Previews is imminent, I suppose I had best start making use of this site to promote Suburban Glamour, my new series. To that end, I’ll use this first post to show you some art from the series.

First of all, here is the cover to issue 1:

Click to make it bigger.

Issue 1 – Astrid and Dave are teenagers stuck in a dead-end suburban town living uneventful lives – until Astrid gets a visit from her childhood imaginary friends, who tell her something big is about to happen. Are they real or is she crazy? Life is about to get a lot more interesting for the pair – interesting and very, very dangerous. From the co-creator of PHONOGRAM comes this tale of magic, mystery and underage drinking. 

And here is the ad that went into Previews:

Again, you’ve got to click it to big it.

So, what’s this all about then? Well… I have a tough time describing this series. On one level, it’s about me and my experiences growing up in a small town in the West Midlands. Like countless other teenagers, I felt trapped by my surroundings, and couldn’t wait to escape. But all the things I wanted to do, all the dreams I had, I was repeatedly told weren’t feasible. So in a sense it’s a story about how you deal with the need to escape, when everyone around you tells you the way you want to do it is impossible; how you adapt and grow up.

On another level, it’s a straight-up modern fantasy story. I’ve been describing it as Blue Monday meets Labyrinth, which I think fairly neatly pulls in both sides of it (group of teenagers up to no good in a small town setting vs. fairy tale worlds interacting with our own).

I’m not intending this book to be as heavy-going as Phonogram – what I intend to create is a fun, enjoyable and exciting comic that will hopefully contain a few truths about growing up.

Anyway, the first issue is out in September. I will be putting a preview online in the very near future. Please keep checking back regularly, as I am going to keep this blog updated with SG news as soon as it happens.