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Suburban Glamour at Newsarama
September 14, 2007, 3:35 pm
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It’s a story of one girl, one boy, one band and two worlds. The world we know, and the world kids dream about.

In Jamie McKelvie’s Suburban Glamour, two British seventeen year-olds, Astrid and Dave, find out their seemingly dead-end lives has a back door – a secret door, into something fantastical. Astrid’s childhood imaginary friends, long since relegated to the past tense, come to pay a visit and to warn her. Something is coming.

This four issue miniseries is written and illustrated by Jamie McKelvie, who is perhaps best known for his work on the “music is magic” series Phonogram with writer Kieron Gillen. For his first solo outing he’s going in full color, thanks to the help of award-winning colorist Guy Major.

Chris Arrant asks me some questions, and I do my best to answer them.

Also, I have updated my shop with the new prints available.


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I discovered your new comic just a few weeks ago… too late for previews (and I live in Spain, Europe, so it´s difficult to get USA comics if you don´t order them!). So, I know perhaps it´s too soon to ask for this, but… will there be a TPB? I would love to! I love the art, the pages you have shown here are just great, and I read your interview and the plot looks kinda interesting. I have linked your page in my personal blog and introduced your series through a communitary blog I write in…(http://www.comixaria.com/breves-usa-red-5-comics-suburban-glamour-mark-schultz) I hope your comic will be a success and we can read it in spanish someday, too. Greetings!

Comment by Mon Petit Renard

Hey there! It’s a little early to say for sure but I think there will be a TPB, yes. 🙂

Comment by mckelvie

Thank you! I´ll have to wait for it… but I am sure I´ll love the comic when I finally get it!

Comment by Mon Petit Renard

I noticed a character named Morgana in the issue 4 description in Previews. Is this Morgana le Fay or another Arthurian character???


Comment by Rodney

Glad to hear there’ll be a TPB. I live in Brazil and it would get real expensive to get the individual editions. Really looking forward to reaging SG! =D

Comment by Marc

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