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SUBURBAN GLAMOUR issue 1 release date!
October 9, 2007, 2:10 pm
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According to everybody, SG 1 will be in stores next week. So that’s the 17th in the colonies and the 18th in good old Blighty.

I *should* have a few copies at Birmingham Comics Show this weekend but please: if you have pre-ordered your copy from your local comic shop, please honour that and don’t buy it from me.


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I like Suburban Glamour so much I made you some fanart. It’s not very good, but it has Eblis and Miss Sally in it and they are my favourite characters under 3′ tall so far!

Comment by Leigh Woosey

Hello. I made a pin up of Astrid a few months a go with a t-shirt ‘My Life Should Be A Comic Book’ with creatures at her feet. I have attached a link.

I was wondering if you planned on using this as a pin-up in your comic? Hope I’m not being annoying.

Thank you.

Comment by Duanne Barbour

Hey Duanne, unfortunately all the slots are taken up for pin-ups! When the series is over I’m going to put a page on my site of all the pin-ups, and I’ll be sure to include yours (and Leigh’s!).

Comment by mckelvie

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