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Some Suburban Glamour 3 reviews
February 1, 2008, 11:43 am
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McKelvie’s art, which is probably the selling point of the book, appears to have gotten better even over the course of this series. It’s stunning. Astrid is absolutely gorgeous, but it’s more than that. For instance, when she makes up her mind about her future in three silent pages, it’s amazing to read her mind simply through the way McKelvie draws her.” – Greg Burgas, Comic Book Resources

“As for the rest of the issue, well, it was excellent as usual. I’ve mentioned my affection for McKelvie’s art before and he puts it to as good a use in this one as he ever does, driving the silent sections with his phenomenally expressive faces–and fingers–that tell the story almost as well as his dialogue. In fact, I’d wager to say that it was my favorite comic about magic-using ladies that I read this week.” – Chris Sims, The ISB

Comics This Week podcast makes Suburban Glamour 3 its joint Book Of The Week – tying with the last issue of Y: The Last Man is quite an honour!

EDIT: Suburban Glamour may not have the jaw-droppingly-unmissable nature of Phonogram, and it may feel firmly like a fledgling writer just starting to find their voice. But it’s sharp, funny – and easily the most beautiful-looking comic this side of Frank Quitely. – Seb Patrick, Comics Daily


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I have it sat in my (now in eco-friendly paper form) Travelling Man bag, waiting to be read. My girlfriend, however, has already read it and was quoted as saying “yes, I liked it”.

Comment by Seniath

Mentioned in the same breath as Quitely and Y?! Glad to see your work getting the positive recognition it deserves. Again, I’m looking forward to whatever you do next. You have earned yourself a devoted fan, take that as you will I suppose *shrug*.

Comment by Kaare

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