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Suburban Glamour Vol 1 Out Today!
May 7, 2008, 6:53 pm
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In all good comic shops. And some of the bad ones.


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[…] McKelvie’s Suburban Glamour gets its trade release tomorrow, and he’ll be at Forbidden Planet signing between 6 and 7pm. […]

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I’ve just finished reading this and, wow, I thought it was really great!
It is on sale in my bookshop (well, it isn’t mine, but I work there) and I’m determined to sell some!

Comment by Norton

I just got this today and read through it in one sitting. Really fantastic stuff – both the writing and the artwork. Are you going to do any more Suburban Glamour series?

Comment by chriso

Just picked this up and I love it! It’s the sort of fairy story I’ve always wanted to see, but I’ve never seen it done quite right until now. Kudos, kudos, kudos!

Comment by ebo

Its saturday morning, starting drinking my coffee when I notice that my roommate had left your book on my work table. Read it. First thing I said when I was finish was, to my girlfriend:
“You gotta fucking read this. Its writen for you, highschool and rockabilly faerie godmother. And I fuckin’liked it, like alot!”
So, of course, we’ll be in on the singles issues for series 2. I’m putting it this wednesday on my pull list. So at least one more pre-order from Montréal. Your work s awesome, can’t wait for whats next for Astrid and Dave.

Comment by =PP=

It was a gift from a good friend who knows me well – I love it, thanks for amking it 🙂

Comment by Cat

Finally read the mountain of comics I bought at Birmingham and this was a hilight for me.
Top marks pal!

Comment by Jimc

I went in to buy Geoff Johns’ “Superman: Brainiac” and left with this instead.

This was awesome! Read it in one sitting and left it on the girlfriend’s counter for her to read in the morning. Thanks for the great art and story. Enjoyed every page!

Comment by Rezzy

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