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Jamie McKelvie is a comics creator living in the London, England. He’s best known for his work on PHONOGRAM: RUE BRITANNIA, co-created with writer Kieron Gillen. He also created SUBURBAN GLAMOUR, a four issue mini-series from Image Comics, and has worked on CABLE and X-MEN for Marvel, and GOTHAM GAZETTE for DC. He’s currently working on the second series of PHONOGRAM.


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I’m new to the whole comic book thing, but I’ve fallen for Astrid after stumbling across your blog. Is there anywhere I can buy Surburban Glamour online???


Rach x

Comment by Rachel

Where are you based? Once the first issue is out (September) there will probably be a few places you can buy it.

Comment by mckelvie

I live in sunny Bath, all the history you could want but no comic book shops!

Comment by Rachel x

Actually, there is one! I think it’s called American Dream or something.

Comment by mckelvie

Oh my gawd! I’m there tomorrow! Thanks!

Comment by Rachel

Hey Jamie! I know that you won’t remember me but I do remember you after seeing you and your work for the first time at San Diego Comic Con. It was a fabulous Comic Con ever! I have become an instant fan of your work and would like to read more of it. You have an awesome talent!

Comment by Jay

i think youd like this music:


Comment by keptblue

Surburban Glamour looks great! I’m in London…Camden.. will I be able to find it in our local friendly comic book shop yet?

Comment by Kerry

Mega City Comics stocks Phonogram, so I am sure it will stock SG too! First issue out October 3rd.

Comment by mckelvie

Greetings Jamie,

I picked up the first issue of Suburban Glamour on whim from the cover design & it rocks.

Awesome design + character work.


Comment by sketch84

ooohhh your english. that explains so much. I was wondering why everyone kept calling their mothers mum. picked up the first issue just based on the awesome cover and i loved it. keep up the good work

Comment by katie

I “acquired” the first issue of Suburban Glamour off the internet out of curiosity, dug it enough, I’m gonna go out and buy it. Far more accessible than Phonogram, think your style’s cleaner/smoother on this, as well.

Comment by lou o' bedlam

Hey Jamie, got issue one. Looks great. Your work lends itself to colour quite nicely.


Comment by Declan Shalvey

Hey Jamie
Do you know if Nostalgia and Comics or Forbidden Planet in Birmingham will stock Suburban Glamour. I’m off out that way tomorrow and wanted to pick it up.

Comment by Dan

I think they might be sold out, Dan. I know they (N&C) had one copy left about a week ago, so it might be worth trying.

Comment by mckelvie

I was kinda pissed when the torrent of ‘Hot Nude Punk Girls’ I was downloading turned out to be a whole bunch of your comics, but I thought ‘What the hey’ and started reading them anyway.

They were so awesome that I really started to wish that there was some way I could legally pay to download clear and easily readable copies of everything you do in future.

What a dream! Oh well, back to trying to find the pr0n I was originally after…


Comment by B0b the Top Hat

You can always paypal me money for the torrent you read.

Comment by mckelvie

Your stuff’s def worth supporting – I’ll send you paypal dosh. Wouldn’t you rather it go through your publisher though, so that it counts as a sale? Anyway, send me paypal details and I’ll happily pay the cover price.

Comment by Ratchett

Issue 1 has sold out at the distributor, so the publisher have their sales anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by mckelvie

I got a copy on Ebay. Loved it. Given it to my other half to read now. I just subbed it so a big Thumbs up from me. ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Dan

i work in a comic store, and with so much new stuff coming out every week its pretty hard to read it all. but as soon as i saw the cover of suburban glamour i instantly fell in love with astrid! i read the comic and two things jumped out at me. 1- cool! a comic about people tryin to fit in whilst being in the background and 2- its got monsters!
great work jamie, i look forward to reading the reat of them!

Comment by matt

Hello Jamie, art director over here in the States, love your work, and wanted to see if you could email me your contact info? Would like to work with you in the future, work with a lots of your fellow countrymen already (Fegredo, Hitch, Phillips, to name a few), so wouldn’t be difficult. They can vouch for me too!;)
Best regards,
Mark Irwin
Art Director, Entertainment
The Upper Deck Company

Comment by Mark Irwin

Surburban Glamour is wonderful.

Comment by Tim

I’ve been slumming my way through comics for nearly 25 years and I have to say Suburban Glamour is probably one of the best that I’ve read (Bomb Queen aside). Keep it up.

Comment by Satan

Hey my friend gave me a heads up bout Suburban Glamour and I was wondering where i could get an issue….comic book stores aren’t a big thing in Down Under…

Comment by Chloerissa

Issue 1 is totally sold out, and I think issue 2 might be as well. You’re probably best off waiting for the collection which will be out in a few months, which you’ll be able to get from bookstores and Amazon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by mckelvie

I only just found out about your comic in Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenuelast week dammit, Is number one Totally sold out?

Comment by Ian

Managed to pick up a copy of issue one at the weekend, Hurrah! And signed too..brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Ian

In the next hours you could read my review of Phonogram.
Please, when you ‘ll read it, leave me a comment!
Marco Milone

Comment by Marco Milone

I just read Marvel’s Solicits for April…You’re pencilling an X-men Book?? That’s insanely crazy! Congrats I guess ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Michael Eckett

Hi Jamie! Huge fan of your work! Love it! I did a review of your latest issue of Suburban Glamour on Newsarama! Check it out here:


Keep up the awesome work!

Comment by Brian

Thanks Brian! I tried to log into Newsarama to say thanks, but I can’t remember my password, and every time I try to retrieve it nothing happens.

Comment by mckelvie

Hey hey, I just got the first issue today. Great work. I couldnยดt find it here in Sweden so I got it by ebay. I like the drawings and style of the characters, story seems good aswell. Looking forward to upcoming issues, just ordered them today.

Comment by ML

I have just come back to comics after a loooong hiatus (like, since silver age superheroes). After only the first issue, I am absolutely swept away by Suburban Glamour – in love with Astrid, intrigued by the story, amazed at how you have framed panels to show mundane life in it’s essence and perfectly captured teen facial expressions. My local shop is supposed to be getting issues 2 & 3 in this week and I can’t wait. If they are as good as #1, I am ordering the framed print of Astrid and Dave. Hey, thanks for creating, Jamie — keep up the excellent work!

Comment by John Callahan

I just finished #4 today, and was sad to see the end come, but thrilled to have found such a great comic. The art was absolutely gorgeous, the story interesting and with a smart ending, and the world believable. Unique, clever comics are hard to come by, but Suburban Glamour does it! Thanks for a great read!

Comment by Paige Hanson

I just wanted to tell you that now you have a fan from Argentina. You draw really well! (Maybe you heard that a million times…) I love Suburban Glamour and I am planning to read Phonogram.
Well, that’s it.

Comment by Luke

howzit from the land of the long white cloud . new zealand of course .just finished your 1st issue . bro it was mean ! (as in choice ! ) looking forward to more of your staff .we kinda get stuff slow down here so might be a while . che bro nice one .

Comment by pas nofoa

Heyy just wanted to say i loved your suburban glamor mini! my question will you do anouther mini i would love to see the charecters again!

Comment by brandon leonard

Um – just saw the photos in your Flickr of “Last Night This DJ…” shirts… any chance you have any of those left? Please mail me and let me know (would love to buy one) – the art, as always, all over this site is mind-blowing. Very cool stuff!

Comment by Scott Arnold

Love the “La Roux” art you did for the music blogs thing – almost looks like it’s moving.

Super cool.

Comment by Steve Bent

your style reminds me of mike giant’s stuff, but not the same. something about the near perfect proportionality of your faces.

Comment by heyfixie

Hey you! You might remember me as Slave2Faith elsewhere, a long time ago. I just wanted to congratulate you on all your success, and I wish you continued, greater success for the future ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Carrie

Hi. Just found you on twitter via Andy Diggle. I just finished the free issue of Phonogram, and went and ordered both volumes and your Suburban Glamour. I love how you’ve beautifully and intelligently combined my two favorite things, music and comics. Just wondering if you ever plan on heading out to San Francisco? Thanks!

Comment by Ben

I love SF, not sure when I’ll get a chance to visit again though.

Comment by mckelvie

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