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I set up an Imagekind account to make prints of the Suburban Glamour covers available. Head over to http://jamiemckelvie.imagekind.com/ to view them. You can choose the size you want (from small to superbig!), and even have it framed when you buy it! Sounds pretty good to me.

ALSO! Now available is the specially designed print of Dave and Astrid:

To remind you, the covers look like this:

Order early, order often.


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Any chance of doing prints of the phonogram covers? I love the Manics cover to issue six.

Comment by Daniel

The covers are amazing! Is there any way to pick up the prints in the UK?

Comment by treSway

Imagekind ship to the UK for only a few dollars, and they turn up within a week or so.

Daniel – I think we’d be on shaky legal ground doing prints of the PG covers, as they are based on album covers.

Comment by mckelvie

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